Nathan Brown of Wake Forest Christian Karate

About Kyoshi Nathan Brown

I grew up in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  In high school, I started feeling a tug toward the ministry, but wasn’t sure how to pursue it.  After high school, I attended Arkansas State University and graduated with a B.S. in Psychology.  This is where I met my amazing wife Kali.

Prior to moving to North Carolina for seminary, I had a career in the investment industry.  I spent six and a half years working for global brokerage firms as a Financial Advisor. During this time Kali and I felt God leading us in a different direction.  We now live in Youngsville, NC with our two dogs Mina and Lady Raider.  During our time in NC, I have received a Master of Divinity and a Master of Theology in Old Testament from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am currently pursing my PhD in Biblical Studies from Midwestern Baptist Seminary and serve as a pastor at Richland Creek Community Church in Wake Forest, NC.

While some karate instructors have long resumes of all the individuals they have trained with, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to train with one primary teacher, my father, for most of my life.  Some fathers can be overbearing and harsh as teachers, which normally discourages their children and they end up losing interest as they get older.  My father has always been encouraging. 

Allowing me to train at my own pace and ability, never pressuring me to live up to some misconceived standard as sensei’s son.  This relationship has allowed me to learn and grow with him through our continued training.  As with any good martial artist, you are taught by a primary teacher yet influenced by others.  I have had the great honor to have been influenced by (in no particular order):

  • Kenny Broadway and his brother Jared Broadway.  Both of whom are like family to me.
  • Hanshi Jerry Partain, whom I have known my entire life.  My first karate classes were in his dojo in Fort Smith.  I was attending class by the time I was old enough to walk or even before.  I was the class mascot back in those days as kids were not normally involved in classes.
  • Grand Master Fusei Kise was a regular around my household as a kid.  He would make a trip to the USA every year and during that trip would come through Arkansas and stay with us many times.  I remember going to bed those nights feeling extra safe knowing that my father, Hanshi Partain, and Grand Master Kise in the house!  It was not until I was older that I realized watching westerns with him at the house in these casual settings was a unique opportunity.

Currently, my father is Hachidan, 8th Degree, and holds the title of Tasshi as the Senior Instructor in our system under his teacher Kudan, 9th Degree, Hanshi Jerry Partain.  My father has been training with his teacher exclusively for the past 40 years.  My father’s current school is in Jonesboro, AR where he has been teaching since 1995.

As a student of the martial arts I will never fully arrive.  There is always something more to learn.  In the same manner, as a disciple of Christ I will never arrive in my relationship with Him.  I will always be striving for a closer walk with Him.  Additionally, I am blessed to have so many wonderful students here at Wake Forest Christian Karate & Kobudo.