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Self-Defense Classes

IMG_2060When learning karate, one is essentially learning Self-Defense in a larger more in-depth package.  However, sometimes it is nice to have just a basic Self-Defense class to either review what you know or start building the muscle memory to defend yourself.  We are happy to offer these classes at your request.

Self Defense classes are a great way team building activity for you or your office.  Perhaps you are a real estate agent or a school teacher and would like to host a class for your office. Maybe you run a Women’s Ministry at your church, now is always a good time to set up a class.  These classes will provide basic Self-Defense and awareness techniques, as well as handouts you can bring home and share with family or friends.  They can be tailored for your specific needs and your specific group.  Some of our more popular classes include: child bullying, rape prevention, office harassment, or defense against an attacker.

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