If you are like me, you like to play hard and eat what you want. Sometimes however we tend to end up on the wrong side of our weight and/or fitness goals.  While karate is a great way to lose weight and get in shape, sometimes we want to break the routine, or we just need a few other ideas to help out.  Here is a good article I found on the topic: How to Diet Like a Man

I would suggest reading the whole article, but if you want a summary here are the key points:

Man move No. 1: Cut one treat

Man move No. 2: Work out fast and furious

Man move No. 3: Eat like a caveman

Man move No. 4: Pump it up

Man move No. 5: Get competitive

Consider adding a few of these to your daily or weekly routine and see what happens.  Remember to gauge your results over months not days.  We tend to want immediate results, and generally diets that provide immediate results immediatly start putting the pounds back on after you quit.  Many times they are not good for you long term either.


Sensei Brown

Wake Forest Christian Karate & Kobudo

Man move No. 6: Chugging your calories