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Is God the Creator of Evil?

If God is the author of everything then did God  create evil?

There are many ways to look at this question. Here is one approach; evil is not a thing or substance. Rather, evil is the lack of good within something God created. Evil is the deprivation of some particular good. Just as rust on a car or rot on a tree is not part of the original creation, rather is the corruption of it. In the same sense, God did not create evil (Satan is not the opposite of God or the totality of evil, rather he is the corruption of God’s good creation) or good. Rather, God is good and evil is evil. It is an existence not a substance. As to Satan, the Devil, Lucifer whatever you want to call him…one should consider the 4 forms of cause: 1. Efficient 2. Final 3. Formal 4. Material.

Humanity has God as their efficient cause, God’s glory and their good as their final cause, a soul as a formal cause, and a body as a material cause.

Since evil is not a substance, you can’t bottle it up to put it under the microscope, then evil has no formal cause and its material cause is a good substance.

So for evil:

Efficient Cause – Free choice

Final Cause – none, evil is the lack of order

Formal Cause – none, evil is the privation of form

Material Cause – a good substance or creation.

Lest we are too quick to throw God under the bus for creating Satan even though He knew Satan would sin, we should also consider that God still created each of us even though He knew we would violate His good creation. In short, we would not be here to even ask the question if God did not have a purpose for allowing free will to corrupt and mar His created order, and a plan to defeat it once and for all. Thus allowing a created order that will be both free and free from sin.

Sensei Brown