hypanis.ru What are you aiming for in life? | Christian Karate

Think for a moment about how much planning goes into a space launch to the moon.  It is not a simple task of point and shoot.  Life is much the same way.  We often think about the trajectory of our life.  That being, are we pointed in the right direction.  We the space analogy, the space shuttle has to be point up, but is also has to be timed correctly or it will miss its actual target of the moon.  Often times we will eliminate the distractions around us so that we can focus more on our target.  That is good, but I want to know, do you have enough velocity to get there?  Just because we have eliminated some distractions in life doesn’t mean we have enough thrust to gain liftoff or overcome the pull of gravity.

Life is much the same.  We have an uphill battle in front of us to push aside the bad and focus on the good.  Once we do that, we also have to focus so intently on the good that it overcomes the pull that the bad has on us.  Granted we can’t do this on our own, but be honest when was the last time we tried too hard to accomplish this?

I challenge you to spend some time this week checking to see if both your trajectory(focus on Christ) and your velocity(time we spend trying to become more like Him) matches the goals you have in life.  If it does, perhaps you need to set your sights higher, if it doesn’t, perhaps you need to prioritize what is truly important to you.


Sensei Brown