Christian Karate

Christian Karate offers a unique twist on the traditional study of karate. Learn how we do it.
At Christian Karate, we teach traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate and Kobudo in a safe and encouraging environment. Our style draws its roots directly from the Okinawan masters. While it is impossible to capture 100% of the history and traditions of days gone by, it is our desire to maintain a link to the past as we strive toward a bright future. We offer classes in North Carolina and Arkansas. Our North Carolina classes are held in Raleigh, Wake Forest and Henderson. Our Arkansas class is held in Jonesboro. Learn more about Christian Karate and join us for one of our upcoming classes.
Why Christian karate? Christian Karate is a bit of a misnomer, similar to saying Christian Football or Christian Cheerleading.  Christianity is a religion whose purpose is to reconcile humanity to God through Jesus Christ.  Karate can be a sport whose purpose is to improve athletic ability and increase someone’s ability to defend him or herself on the street.  So while the two can appear to conflict, they do not.
Want to join a Christian Karate class? We’d love to have you visit a class and find out if Christian Karate is a great fit for you. We offer classes for both children and adults. Contact us and we’ll help you find the class that is right for you!

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